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Acting on the academic field for over 50 years, UNISUAM has developed through the years while it changed the reality of it’s students. First Brazil’s University Center, UNISUAM has always kept its students in the first place, focusing on its mission to promote the development of men, practicing Teaching aimed at the academic, professional and personal enhancement of the public to which it relates.

over 22 .000
Enrolled Students
4 Educational
7 Distance
Learning Hubs
28 Undergraduation
2 Master's Degree Programs
1 Doctoral Program
1 Post-Doctoral Program

Accredited by CAPES

We are in a continuous search for excellence and the best for all of those who are touched by UNISUAM. The Institution does not measure efforts to make the difference in peoples' lives and become a factor of social change, looking at the conteporary issues and following up close the generations we can make a difference with.


To promote the development of man and the environment he lives in, in a mutual relationship with society, granting access to a quality teaching, engaging lively in the improvement of the country’s educational processes.


To be acknowleged as the Teaching Institution of excellence, with the best model of social transformation in the country.


  • Competency
  • Credibility
  • Commitment
  • Innovation



UNISUAM offers 30 courses in the areas of Social Sciences, Biological Sciences, Health Sciences, Human Sciences and Exact and Technological Sciences. With teachers who have Master’s and Doctoral degrees, the Teaching program is aimed at the total development of each student’s potential within their training area. In synergy with the practiced Teaching, the infrastruture offered provides all the possibilities of technical/practical actions the students need to understand the theoretical concepts studied in the classroom. Training, this way, complete professionals, with critical sense, entrepreneurial view and social responsibility.

UNISUAM’s Graduation offers over 40 courses - on site or online - in the areas of Biology and Environment; Education and Human Sciences; Engineering and Exact Sciences; Management and Business; Health, Beauty and Nutrition and Socials and Law.

Ideal for who wishes to specialize in a specific area, the UNISUAM Graduation counts on a teaching staff made up of teachers who have PhD, Doctoral and Master’s degrees, renowned and greatly experienced in their areas. Besides, the students have access to UNISUAM’s complete infrastructure, composed of highly specialized labs and modern educational platforms.


In order to enhance knowledge, carry out researches and train specialized professionals in the design of practical solutions from conceptual basis, UNISUAM offers two Master’s degree Programs acknowleged by CAPES: the Professional Master’s degree in Local Development, started in 2006, and the Academic Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Sciences, approved in 2009.


The UNISUAM’s Master’s degree Program in Local Development is directed to those who wish to enhance knowledge, carry out researches and design practical solutions from conceptual basis, to improve the life of different parts of society, encouraging its entrepreneurial side, cooperative, besides the development of management skills to the resulting ventures. Being capable of promoting income generation and social inclusion, without losing sight of the local cultural values and the leading role nature of the involved population, whether in Brazil or abroad.


Unique in Rio de Janeiro, the Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Sciences has been acknowledged by MEC since 2009 and is recommended by CAPES - Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel - as excellent. With highly qualified teachers and cutting-edge infrastructure, the Master’s degree Program is aimed at all professionals involved in Rehabilitation: Physiotherapists, Physical Educators, Ocupational Therapists, Nutritionists, Doctors, among others, and has as a goal to provide to the students the development of techno-scientific basis to practical application of Research, Teaching and Innovation in the area.


Acknowledged by CAPES in 2015, UNISUAM’s Doctoral degree is a course that focuses on the insertion of students in research programs already consolidated, self-suficient, and in the creation and development of new researchers groups, besides the professional exercise in a highly qualified standard. With a multidisciplinary profile, the Doctoral program gathers all professionals that have as a main focus the research of thematics that add up to building scientific evidences in Rehabilitation and Health Promotion. The program is groundbreaking in the constitution of its lines of research, once besides the most traditional lines of research in Rehabilitation - Functional Evaluation in Rehabilitation and Therapeutical Approach in Rehabilitation - it also offers the Evaluation and Intervention in Adapted Sport line, which includes the study of actions to prevent and recover from injuries caused by the practice of adapted sports and optimize the functional performance of parathletes.


Only in Rio de Janeiro, the Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Rehabilitation Sciences at UNISUAM is recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC) since 2013. It is aimed at all professionals involved in rehabilitation who are able to undertake a Post-Doctorate fellowship. The Program aims at the insertion and integration of Brazilian and foreign researchers to carry out research projects developed in the area of ​​rehabilitation in an autonomous way.

In addition, the Post-Doctoral Fellowship is part of the Postgraduate Program in Rehabilitation Sciences of UNISUAM, which also counts on the Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree to provide you with training even more complete.


PRA QUEM FAZ (For the Makers) UNISUAM’s elective courses platform for professional qualifying, curricular enrichment and enhancement of techniques and concepts in different knowlege areas. Courses are offered in the areas of Management, Communications, Education, Health, Psicology, Nutrition, Computer Science, Law, Architecture, Aesthetics, Engineering and Gastronomy.


In its relationship with the surrouding communities, UNISUAM offers social development programs that cover several fields of action. There are learning programs, entrepreneurship, local culture increase, health and social well-being promotion. The programs’ action focus extends into different social programs from Rio de Janeiro, although there are no obstacles to performing them all around the national territory.

Through internship programs, foreign volunteering can actively take part in projects of local development and research for new solutions within this context.

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